good article on queer art and (self) censorship: is here

I've already said soo much on the topic,
but it enraged me again when I saw all the garbage,
that our current pathetic normalo 'gay' youth pulled out as response to the club church movie:

in which I play as extra for a few seconds fucking bare in their darkroom.

it gets even worse when I have to deal with the judgemental self-suppressing reactions we had on
producing the trubute art book in hounour of our friend and scat pioneer Martin of Holland:

need I go on?

has everybody forgotten what these art and party pioneers have fought and stood for,
to get the current generation of fake-homos take all that for granted
and even moralise ABOUT IT ,
in a way that even religious fanatics and conservative/republican politicians would distance themselves from,
and condemn it as self-betrayal and cowardice.

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