With the presentations of the Martin Brown Book coming to a pinnacle next month,
and the Jeroen Bosch exhibition in den Bosch coming to an end,
while bursting at the seams, visitor wise,
I felt like I could one more time point to the best authoritative documentary
that is available on Bosch (in 6 under 10 minit parts):

Isn't it sad,
that we have the masses flocking around one of the most moralizing bourgeous artists there ever was to specialize in depicting hell.
While he was just as the church ordained, then as now, commissioned to implant fear in minds of his fellow citizens.
while just as then we have only a few really depicting the delights of hell,
and then we have the people who were villified for centuries,
our pitiable homo community,
now finally have gathered enough courage to come out of the woodwork,
only to condemn him the loudest ?

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