soo adored the ITV series.

and if that doesn't fit, try a banana, a grape, a raisin?

Recorded my fav band here in Delft myself just this april at our 'gay' communitycenter DWH
they indeed are a perfect punkish kick-in-da-butt for our sleepy homo youth of today

I know there's a lot of idiot wisdom passed around on social media
where 'tops' take on an attitude of seen-it-all, did-it-all, know-it-all.
My experience over the years left me with one certainty:
that is hardly ever is the case.
Still I found so much worhtwhile in this set of rules below
that I thought it nice to pass on this little lesson
That I just found dropping by on my tumblr.
Nothing is more worthwhile and rewarding than to share loving patience
with a young aspiring bottom. Do believe me.
as Paul McCartney said:
And in the end,
the love you take
is equal to the love you make:

that was at Pinkpop NL june 2016,
but if you want that in the original quality its there as well,
and then there's that other song about "in the end" from one of my all time fav movies :


Below is a clipping from an entry of one of my most frequently followed tumblrs:

I had a friend some years ago
who specialized in turning “anal averse” boys into anal desiring if not anal craving boys.
He taught me much about technique.
I have used it periodically over the years most recently last year
when I stretched my submale’s hole to accept my fist.
Here is what he taught me.

- 1: The biggest mistake a Master makes in such training is to focus on the stretching.
He said emphasis on the stretching simply increases the boy’s aversion.
The most important thing is not the stretching but the need/desire for anal;
the stretching will come.

- 2: The most important aspect of the training is patience.
A boy who is anal averse needs to overcome that aversion.
It will not be done if the boy is constantly made to stretch further and further
as he reaches a milestone of size and depth.

- 3: The most effective action is finger fucking with one, maybe two, fingers,
which should be done as often as possible
and can be nothing more than lazily finger fucking the boy
while you are watching TV, reading or whatever.

- 4: Use dildos for active training and plugs for passive training.

- 5: Use dildos and plugs of a size that the boy could easily accommodate
and finds comfortable and is not straining.
Training dildos should be smooth and have some give to them, not be hard.
Ridges, bumps and other features on the dildo
will simply enhance the boy’s aversion during the training period.
The more often the boy wears a comfortable plug,
the more he will come to feel empty without it.

- 6 : To further the stretching, he suggests that as the boy becomes comfortable with a certain size dildo,
use a larger dildo than he previously used.
But just one size up and just for short periods of time.
Then allow the boy to settle back into the dildo he is comfortable using.

- 7: As he stretches a little more, find a little larger plug for him which he will likely be comfortable with.
Then use that one as the default plug.

- 8: Never use a plug for stretching exercise; always a dildo so it slides smoothly in and out.
If you require the boy to use an oversize plug,
he will continue to be uncomfortable when wearing it
thus negating any positive gain he has made wearing the comfortable plug.

And did I mention patience?
He said getting the boy with a strong aversion to anal to desire/need anal can take weeks if not a few months.
Once the boy’s attitude and aversion has changed to one of need and satisfaction
the stretching exercising can become far more frequent and faster progress can be made.

The last line is probably the most valuable:
you get so much more out of a bottomboy if he in the end just begs you for it,
instead of giving it before he's ready.

And all those lines about stretching:
also of great value:
be happy with what your bottom accepts in his hole:
if it's just your tongue leave it at that.

You'll only be sorry if your boy gets sloppy before his time.
you can remain tight while accepting monstersizes or double fists,
but only with practice, relaxation and experience.
If for the moment it's just one pinky he accepts, that's fine too:
when you take it out go ever so slow: and lick it clean appreciatively.
and say: "thank you so much for that present and the trust"

the following is what the lesson inspired me to add myself:

Never ask him to clean his hole beforehand and certainly not with soapy substances:
it will only dissolve and damage the inner lining that is naturally greasing things in there.
It also has the most natural std-protection built in (up to a point).
And also: always trim your fingernails in advance, for the same reasons.

If in the end he wants you to ruin his asshole
you can always resort to more invasive measures like the toilet brush.
Or if you really want to make a mess: use a steel rust remover brush.
Let me assure you,
I'm not at all against bloody scenes: they can be the ultimate turnon.
I've never been in a scene where the bottom could in the end not take the top's cock,
and believe me, I've started out with awesome monsters myself,
where I thought: "this is never going to happen".
Well it did.
Always does.
But there again,
only if it's asked for willingly and eagerly,
without being wasted on drugs or alcohol.

the last part of this entry is behind the db/queerart masterclass password

because there's some personal details in it that are not yet cleared by the person concerned

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