The first Dutch homo erotic artist I fell for was Willem Kok.

I used to buy the extreme (?) contact and dating magazine Centurion back in the eighties.
His work and the work of Martin of Holland were the only art that ever got printed in that magazine.
Martin was too extreme for my liking back then, but the technically more sophisticated pencil work of Willem (aka Dorus)
immediately hit me hard in the balls and brains, not only through his lines,
but just as much or more through his subject matter, of lean, skinny or even starved boys,
where all hormones and body energy had obviously been invested in growing supernatural cocks.

even more intrigued I was by the fact
that on many of his drawings these boys submitted themselves to extreme and hard masters.
where in most cases they found mutual gratification by torturing and mutilating the guys genitals.

If ever there was something that got me hard it were these drawings.

So after wanking for quite sme time on the poorly prints of his work in Centurion,
I gathered my courage and set out to meet him.
As around the same time my long time friend Pieter died of aids,
I also was without a pied-a-terre in Amsterdam
So, you guessed right, in no time, Willem's attick room took that place,
and in the years following we became great buddies,
sharing loads of kinks and views on queer art. I modeled a lot for his work.
And still on some of the pages here there are
little drawings I used as letterhead for my light- and set design theater work of those days.

Willem got me inspired in crossing the border between fantasy and reality
especially when it came to bodymodification,
be it in (partial) cockhead splitting, as well as anal or tongue piercings
(already had the nips done by the original leather- and kink icon RoB).
where I really enjoyed me trying out a newly installed appadravya of prince Albert
by pissing in his mouth and throat.
And, obviously, even though Willem is no longer with us,
this goes on with me to this day,
as I just decided on getting a transscrotal piercing this month.
The jewelry looks something like this:

So, if anybody wants to play with it ?

I often think back of those days, and the thrill of being around a queer art hero and inspiration.
Here's the link to the first webpage I made about his work together with him, early nineties.
Especially now I live here in Delft with a young guy who also shares (or shared) some of my kinks.
Obviously Willem and myself, we had our differences of opinions and hefty arguments,
but overall I feel I was quite a bit more inclined to enter into erotic play and experiments
than current homo youths, but that may be history distorting,
or change of attitude and politics withing the momo community.
I have to remember, that when I was that kind of age,
I was still getting over my heterosexual marriage
(which had turned into bi menage-a-trois as you can read on my exes page.)
Still I hope all generations returns from the dead-end-street of isolation, prudery,
fantasy- and adventure-less, bourgeois, monogamous,
sad, juvenile, dreary hopelessness and self denyal.
So I can still entitle some youths as deserving a place on my exes page.

and the link to the vast array of galleries dedicated to most of his work
(most behind the masterclass password)

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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