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A pearl is the result of an intruding, violating force being ousted, not by means of expulsion or execution
but, through the gradual act of coating, covering and hiding the entity beneath and within a safeguarding apparition.
This superimposition of beauty, a beauty that sits atop a subconscious violence, a subliminally perverse beauty,
a beauty that emerges from a place of distress, is the order of beauty within which the work of Koes Staassen exists.
Staassen's drawing of desire, his inclination to embellish, to dress, to adorn desire, consequently charges,
armours and pins beauty to his naked subjects. His subjects are naked in that they are inherently unprepared
and too naive to be seen as they are. Beauty in Staassen's work is a device or weapon that combats the shame
that viewers immediately project against naked bodies.
- Adam Patterson, 2015

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