entry inspired by this video:

The clip was part of an enormous bout of historic falsification on this blog.
It's ridiculous that it's claimed there
that Dutch queer and social revolutionary politician Pim Fortuyn hijacked the homo community.
This kind of claim has for 2 decades now been made by the elitist , politically corrrect Amsterdam inner city community and the COC,
while in fact in was them who betrayed their community, by leaving facilitating and servicing their community

to commerce and the internet and instead focus on licking ass of politicians (which they call lobbying)
Both have over the past 2 decades proven to be at the wrong side of history and neglected to check the needs of their base community.
as recent EU referenda and US presidential elections have so plainly made clear.
while Fortuyn, originally ridiculed and dismissed as fashist and opportunist, over the years after his assasination
is more and more seen as a very clear observer and visionary,
whose theories have since been 'hijacked' by the center left, the liberals and even religious parties.
Sure, most of his followers who were left to carry the torch of his party, made an enormous mess of things,
but Fortuyn himself was unequivocally and uncompromisingly clear about his sexual preferences.
and his favorite hangouts in Rotterdam, the MSR gay motorbiker club and their fetisch club/bar The Shaft.
that is something quite different from claiming a community,
Contrairily, he especially rejected the COC and their coward, middle-of-the-road facelesness
and staying as far away from fetishes and not less photogenic queer issues as possible.
and lobbying and promoting marriage as only respectable lifestyle option
is something that he never would have wanted to be associated with.

I still count myself lucky and priviledged to have been one of his rim-buddies.
a hobby which he proudly declared his allegience to in his Babyboomers Autobiography.
Eindhovens kink and fetishclub Het Vagevuur is not, as claimed in above video,
carried to its grave by the remains of the Fortuyn party, of which only one councilmembver remained in Eindhoven at the time,
but by the fake (shiny) leather and rubber (that never had seen any mud, pis, grease, shit, let alone sperm) boardmembers
that had taken over at the club, and were as colourless as the mentioned COC organisations.
and was totally dominated by correctos, normalos and regulierdos.
just to get rid of the hot potatoe that Vagevuur was in their eyes.
The original pioneers and volunteers, working the club, had wanted to continue and resque the club,
but were given no chance by these boardmembers. While co-founder and manager Harry was overstressed and battle-weary
Today Dutch lovers of kink and groundbreaking sexuality have to go abroad to Berlin, (Lab-oratory, Berghain),
London (backstreet) Antwerp (leatherpride, de Boots, Kinky's).
So sad.

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