Not in a hurry, so here's a delightful side dish:

as intermediary, before we delve further in the Martin - Bastille bonding history.
also needed to check up on my good old Masterclass entry routines
That I have not used for quite a while,
but surely are called for now,
respecting the loyalty of the long time supporters of db/queerart
without them this webservice,
would never have been able to stay online uninterruted for all that time.
Most internetservices have not made it past a decade, sofar.
Thank you guys, for loyal dedication, that enabled
a true continued presence for over 2 decades now
of uncensored/non-commercial true homo-erotic art.
So, without further adoo,
here's the (masterclass only) link
to the superhot scat chapter 5 of the Demonic sex cartoon by my long time friend,
Sean Platter

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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