Already had quite some samples of the Bastille - Martin correspondence online,

finally getting into the corresponcence of these 2 pioniers
Only over 40 years of being part of the homo community,
and after quite a few coming outs of my own,
like from being homo, to being into S&M, becoming a controling powerbottom,
and overcoming the acusations of that being nothing more than a coward,
who just does not dare to surrender
being not into use of condoms,
and as a result ending up seropoz, getting quite experienced with
various std's, including the hiv virus and hep C,
I feel I'm slowly getting sofar at ease with my own sexuality
that I am entitled, authorised and informed enough
to pass on my experiences on this subject matter.
Not that I, in any way, feel that I have a final word on this:
there are so many who went much further, more daring, less coward,
deeper, more perverted, depraved, risky, criminal even.
It's just where I am today,
slowly thinking that getting away from the extreme hygene hysteria
that people in the USA and UK are brought up with
and, in a sad bout of neocololonialism,
they feel authorised to pass that on via fuckbook and yuktube
as a normative censoring moralising conviction
that we all should adhere to:
still thinking it is a good idea to be tolerant to religious fanatic intolerants
who have no second thoughts about setting the world's lowest common denominator as moral norm,
and abusing our freedom of speech and religion, to spread the most horrific intolerance,
as well as unsollicited, non consenting violence.

Also feel that in these days, of ever more sex-excluding homo-youth
who feel it's better to be safe than sorry
and stay away from public display of their sexuality
before the may get shot in the head by the intolerant outside world
or even stay away from their ow sexuality altogether
as they still are burdened by a guilt complex
when they secretly enjoy discovering their "dark" or "dirty" alter ego
it is more then ever needed to bestow on my young friends that
their body is a source of fun subsatances, that are not meant to
only find their way onto sheets, towels, kleenex or, god-forbid, condoms.
will in the end regret not having celebrated their sexuality
earlier, more intense or proudly confrontational and in-your-face.
instead of siding with the normalos, who persist on saying:
"why chase people away from and feel embarrased about 'our' community".
Not realising they only limit and exclude themselves .

Don't get me wrong: endulging in excrements can get you quite sick, at first.
But taken gradually, as one does with a single (or limited number of) lover(s)
one gradually gets used to their body odor, and in time even get familiar,
or dedicated and even addicted to their bodily substances.
Those person(s) body odors and tastes, and more, I did indeed get to appreciate, fall in love with.
As over the years I've seen in an ever growing determined, uncompromising group of fellow scat-afficionados.

If gradually getting more intense in bodily exchanges,
It might even result in getting a stronger immune system and resistance to infections
that outsiders find hard to comprehend.
I also found out, that as we know one cannot become homosexual by environment,
nor upbringing, teaching, religious preacing or indoctrination,
that is even more the case with the scat culture.
Although the rituals and ceremonies and mores surrounding it
can be quite intriguing, even addictive to many,
there is no use what-so-ever to force anybody into the scat community.
Just as it's safe to say you cannot keep anybody out,
who is determined to go that route.

As we can see in the conversations between these two artists,
Bastille, or Frank Weber, was far more deeply rooted within the Anglo-saxon prudish upbringing
with its over indulgence in hygene and commercial products to enhance it,
which ovwer the years probed to be not-at-all conducive to get a more resiliant body or immune system.
The European, French and German culture based on very 'naturist' attitude to nudity
and the human body and no-fuzz traditional agricultural routines,
have always had a far more relaxed attitude to the body's natural functions and sexuality.
He was very much intrigued and attracted to Martin's approach, but had far more hurdles to cross,
before he could get cliose. In fact, before practicing anyof it himself,
he used his art and the fantasies he could depict there as instrument to cross that border,
if indeed, he ever got to it.
On the Other hand, Martin's rough and uncompromising attitude
kept him from getting too refined and culturally fitting
without compromise to make his art more acceptable or approachable.


Hey Ad, heb je reactie over scat er uitgehaald. Ik wil niet iedereen daarmee 'lastig vallen'
. Sorry xRdeW on fuckbook,

Showing that our own homo community is its own worst enemy;
the most disastrous force in censoring, self degradation and intolarance.
Forgetting that almost every male homo does anal sexuality,
in the form of fucking or rimming at some time,
and that the group most likely to get or spread std's
are the ones who hysterically clean it back there or in there
with douches, enema's, soapy substances and deodorants,
as they are known to destroy the natural protective inner lining, greasy- and juicy bits.

Even worse, obviously, is keeping quite abouty it:
in 2 weeks I'll be on the Poz & Proud Canalpride boat,
promoting funding for prep, awareness and regular testing.

No wonder that (what's left of) the fighting generation screams and raises its hands in despair.
While the true fetish community has given up on Amsterdam and moved on to
Berlin Paris, Madrid and London, here in NL all normalo barrs and streets close down
and only the ones that do not deny sexuality, in Kerkstraat, Warmoes and around Nieuwezijds thrive.

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and will follow in 2 more pages, brace yourself for a long read).

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