Male nude modeling,
an ever re-emerging subject here.

Quoting from the advocate :
At the turn of the last century, one of the few social positions lower than actor was artist's model.
They were seen often as dire characters outside the edge of normalcy,
and often assumed to be prostitutes (as were actors).
Maybe that's why I took to modeling for queer artists as soon as my job in theater light design took me to Amsterdam.
Yet, they were still sought after as painter's models for the large classically inspired salon paintings of the time.
And there seemed to be no shortage of very fit young men perfectly willing to spend hours completely naked,
while swarthy artists (with very cute beards and mustaches) closely examined their unclothed bodies in minute detail.
It's for the art!
The situation was novel enough that there is a fairly large number of existing photos of naked men,
lounging about dank and dusty ateliers with groups of clothed men crowded about them.
This was a special pre-YouTube moment when nudity still meant something outrageous and lofty at the same time.

Adriaan de Lelie,
Andreas Bonn Lectures @ Drawing Academy of the Felix Meritus Society,
Keizersgracht Amsterdam 1792

Léon Matthieu Cochereau,
Interieur de L'Atelier de David au College des Quatre Nations

François Sallé, The Anatomy Cass at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, 1888

Alfred Munnings Study of a Male Nude in the Academie Julian

Alexandre Cabanel, Albaydé, 1848

Laurtiz Tuxen, Male Nude in the Studio of Bonnat, 1877

Study photo from the Thomas Eakins studio

Wilhelm Bendz, Life Class at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 1826

John Singer Sargeant, Male Nude Study

Gottfrid Kallstenius, Seated Male Model. 1887-88, Royal Academy of Fine Arts

William Bendz, Sculptor Christen Christensen in His Studio, 1827

At the Académie Julian

After the Sitting, John Koch

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