History of Wally Wallace and the Mineshaft

as I stayed at Mineshaft Apartments last week in Berlin, I had to re-vitalise rex's original posterart.
Walter (Wally) Wallace was the founder and manager of a number of leather clubs in New York City from the 1975 until 1996.
Clubs that he founded include Excelsior MC (1975-present), the Mineshaft (December 1976- November 1985), the Attic (1986-1996),
LURE (January 1994-April 2003), and 257 West 29th St. Storefront location (1997-?).
The Mineshaft, was publicly shut down after “nine years and nine days” by the New York City Department of Health on November 6, 1985
among widespread fear that gay bathhouses were contributing to the spread of AIDS.
It was the first closure of its kind in New York City and set the legal precedent that led to the closure of the Attic eleven years later.
The Attic was closed at its 410 W 14th Street location on July 2, 1996
by the New York City Department of Health for permitting Acts of Fellatio on the premises.
The closure of the Attic led to the opening of the Storefront location shortly thereafter.

Wally received BA in Speech and English from Drury College in Springfield, MO.
He went on to study film production at the New York University School of Continuing Education.
Wally worked as an actor on stage and television in Springfield, MO and New York City before founding his first leather club,
Excelsior MC with Terry M., David T. and Rich D. in 1975. In late 1976.
He founded the Mineshaft and for the next 20 years managed leather bars in New York City.
Wally was very active in the gay leather community holding a number for benefits for the community.
He was involved in putting on a number of contests
including Interchain’s Mr. Leather, The Leather and Uniform Daddies Contest, Big Apple Leather Daddies Uniform Contest and Mr. Northeast Drummer.
Wally Wallace also signed his name W. J. Wallace and received checks and letters addressed to him at Shaftway Productions.
Wally died September 7, 1999.

the only venue in the world that now carries on the torch as most legendary pig venue in the world is
Lab-oratory in the cellars of the world's largest queer club Berghain in Berlin,
entrance not in the front, but through a passage on the left side of the building.

photos shot by myself while I was there for the may 2016 scat party.

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