another theme that comes around more often, modeldrawing:
sacrevoir turned up on the pages of my Mooiman toilet calendar:

his work, which is admired and celebrated on the walls of German musea and top galleries,
always remind me of similar talented artist and friend Bernard,
who's work of gorgeousl and lovingly depicted adolescents
is confiscated by an over zealous A'dam D.A. triggered by hystering cuisaders,
going after everything they want to call child-abuse.

sadly they cannot make the distinction between true abuse
(which also is even today allowed to be exploited with adults who fled to Amsterdam as refugees)
and warm and tender memories of awakening sexuality,
which in my case, I'm happy to confess, started at age 6

luckily nothing went wrong because my parents, who recognised wherw my sexuality was heading,
protected my from the overpowering morals that R.C. preachers only upheld
when they cowardly posed as politically correct
as soon as they opened their mouths on the pulpit
and forgot all they preached as soon as they were alone with the altar boys in the rectory.

that is why I always remained suspicious of morals,
and even more so as they are now preached by married 'normalos' to young homos within our own community.
It's sad to see, but in my hometowb, what was once a triving sociual club of asipring homos
now is a sad group of inward looking isolationist, afraid of having a voice of their own,
using tactics and techniques, like brainwashing and blackmail,
threatening opposing voices with expulsin and legal action,
practices that we only see these days in desperate religions like Scientology and failing insecure dictatorships,
clinging to their last bit of power:
their indoctrinated and milked dry last followers.

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