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SEDUCTION – Robert W. Richards
Book Launch Party
Opening Reception: Friday, May 6, 6-8 pm
Exhibition Dates: May 7-8, 12-6 pm

“New York based multi-talent Robert W Richards has made a career out of seducing people.
Since his earliest erotic illustrations in publications like The Advocate and Mandate
Richards’ unique style has become highly recognizable for its high end simplicity and sexy, idiosyncratic style.
SEDUCTION traces the artist’s work from the present back to its beginnings,
proving that seduction is something at which Richards is a true master.”
[Narcissus Magazine]
“It is an invitation to look outside of what is the gallant expectations in visuals,
and open one’s mind to expanding views.”
[Edge Media Network]

Richards, born in a small town in Maine where dreams were not encouraged,
learned at an early age to live a private, interior life and to create his own world, the world he aspired to live in.
His fantasies became realities and for more than five decades.
He has enjoyed a dizzying, long career drawing in New York, Paris, Rome, London and Los Angeles.
His subjects--Fashion, Style, Beautiful Men and Women, and Erotica–are all the things he longed for in his childhood bedroom.
His has been a life well lived, and . . . he is still adding chapters.

Prince St. Project Space 27-B Prince St. NYC 100122016/mei/2016mei03b.html

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