a queer adaptation for the r.c. church's "holy week"

as lovingly depicted by Delmas Howie

in his version of the 'stations' :

I'm not saying I preach the be-all and end-all of our queer community,
but one of the most striking sections of Bach's Mattheus Passion,
deals with St. Peter, who, when the cock crowes, comes to realise
he betrayed his community 3 times.

Many homo youths, brainwashed by the moralism preaced by their fuckbook
act completely similar, condemning fetishes, or communities
that later in life they may depend upon.
No, I'm not at all trying to pull anybody into any fetish,
but do realise, you may grow up
and own up to an 'opposite conviction' later in life.

That's the gist of my written contribution
to the Martin of Holland Brown Book,
that the foundation he started just published this Easter

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