instead of wasting life, supposedly partying all night at home to get you to drop inhibitios but also losing all memories of what ouyld be a life changing intene experience, on pills with an online date instead of enjoying real people and the culture our community has to offer and dumping the inevitably following week of depression on the people around.
Real men indeed are the horniest species.
Image is coverart of the book by my mate Michael Kirwan, who does not try to make our community more glamorous than it is.

Michael Kirwan does not try to make our community more glamorous than it is. At least it's real, which makes it so much hotter and 'reacheble' for our average young homo dilettante. And it's so much better to start your journey into fetishes with realistic expectations. Fine if you start your odyssee of our community dry-wanking behind your screens, but there still is a real world out there with real guys. So go to your saunas, bars, clubs, events as delve in: in the end it's safer there, than at the drugs enhanced dreamworld you try to create at home. And if your date does not live up to his profile, or fails to show up at all, there's plenty of fish in the sea there.
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