instead of wasting life, supposedly partying all night at home to get you to drop inhibitios but also losing all memories of what ouyld be a life changing intene experience, on pills with an online date instead of enjoying real people and the culture our community has to offer and dumping the inevitably following week of depression on the people around.

This is for real !

David Hurles received a lifetime achievement award at the Tom of Finland queer art Fetival in october 2016.
This book, put together by that other great visual art queer cult legend Rex, portrays this living-on-the-edge pioneer
as he photographs and has sex with the most dangerous gang boys, hustlers, addicts, of NYC in she sixties, seventies and eighties.
rent boys posing, wanking, wrestling, boxing. His models ranged from drifters and grifters to hustlers and (ex)-cons

support him and Rex and get this gorgeous book on Amazon
More Weegee than Weber, these images vibrate with youthful male power and edgy sexuality.

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