Comment of my Italian mate Sergio:
Proud of the sunday worshit images you published, a torch that Martin show to all generations to interact and breaks all taboos and limits. The answers to the survey about homo art in general give a positive encouragment towards cultural tolerance and stimulations for a real openminded concept of education, mentoring and teaching/learning: the ideas of the site being part of an international pro/active strategy and work towards more tolerance about pervy art and lifestyle and, about content, that there shouldn't be an age of consent access-limit as the site is about art must be the beginning milestones to make events open to all TOO (from Folsom to interactive art workshops/exibitions/lectures/sensorial and ritual performances): censorship towards the human urinal at the Folsom and towards other public raunch pigs interactions mustn't happen anymore ! Tolerant cultural stimulation and socialization like the japan HG are the path to walk... and that the milestone example of Martin and other artists show can help for a proper open growth ! I hope that in your meetings and discussions at the Laboratory and at the ToF annual event such pourposes find a strong determination to go further !

and 2 huns already here:

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