This month is dedicated to the Tom art festival, earliert this month,
and there were a lot of artworks on show at the house that I did not show yet.
and they surely are not the leftovers.


Politically correct,
Guess not, quote from Instigator manifesto
We are out to rock the boat, stir the shit, assault your brain, and GET YOU OFF. Period.
We refuse to baby-sit your asses,
'cuz last time we checked, you were responsible enough to drive, vote, drink & go to war.
But hey, ...Not to worry!
Uncle Sam and a bevy of self-appointed gay 'leaders' have that job covered
and are quite proficient at telling you EXACTLY how to act
and what you shouldn't be doing with that HOT pigfuck you just met.

do also read this article from last month's Indepentent
on DRAWN, PRINTED, BOUND. Tom of Finland Art and Culture Festival.
Tom was simply drawing to fulfill his own need and lust, he was providing a service for gay men “far deeper than he could have ever imagined.
These explicit and joyful depictions of gay sex have become a manifestation of equality. It’s not so much about art, but human rights,” she argues.
“The drawings haven’t changed, the world has.”
And as LGBT communities gain more freedom in some parts of the world, she says Tom’s work – however explicit –
must and will remain a part of that collective history. She adds: “It lives on only as long as it is actively supported and protected”.

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