now I've re-instated the masterclass password routine,
I feel at liberty to include some things that I for some time felt hesitant to share publicly.
Still, all of this page, I've decided, is online publicly now.

Especially as today is the Vernissage of the biggest exhibition my mate Rex has ever had
at Balleria, Nollendorfstrasse 22 in Berlin:

with loads of articles and interviews,in all major magazines over there:
like this one in Siegesaüle:

I did publicity for him a few years ago when his 'verboten' book came out in NL:

also did a more extensve program which also tells a lot of my basic gel I have with his images and his person.
Sadly it had the audio blocked by yucktube because I used a musicclip that someone claimed as copyrighted.

The audio is not that essential, as most of the story is told by a scrollbar at the bottom of the screen,
but if you want to see the original, it's here.
oh yeah, must not ommit his portrait of yours truly here:

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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