Sinterklaas, wie kent hem niet,
Sinteklaas sinteklaas
en natuurlijk ZwartePiet
a total national shouting game comes around every year in NL about whether Zwartepiet is racist
It may be so for the 'black-lives-matter' activists or politically-correct "progressive" party members in NL, USA or in the UN, but it surely isn't outside our leftist dominated "Randstad" cities. 80% of the Dutch just want to keep the fun childrens-icon. But so do the inhabitants of territories that are now populated with former slaves, like Suriname, Curacaou, Aruba or St.Maarten
we here are not interested in that, but sure are drawn into the festivities bcause of the horror associations:

and not to forget: all the S&M and paedofiliac double-entendres

apart from beind a friend bringing presents, he was also suposed to bring fear to children that had been naughty:

as the traditions have been formed since way before slavery, we don't see the need to forcefeed US antiracist philosophy into on of the main events on the Dutch kid-calendar.

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