The Independent "Tom of Finland: The gay icon who changed pop culture forever"
Tom was providing a service for gay men far deeper than he could have ever imagined.
These explicit and joyful depictions of gay sex have become a manifestation of equality.
Itís not so much about art, but human rights, the drawings havenít changed, the world has.

loved T of F all those years ago, even when such articles and cartoons were verboten,
he was my saviour! Outrageous, very rude, explicit and to me, antiestablishment!!
All were butch and masculine, even the bottom/sub/passive guys!!!

and now mostly thanx to the dcades of incompromiing and unrivaled promotion
by his former fav model Durk Dehner :

he's pardoned worldwide for being shocking
and finally welcomed as a pioneer revolutionary by our art world
and even our most coward homo organisations,
they now eve made a musical about his life and work,
while he still remain the artists most censored and banned from the fuckbook services.
Nevertheless, I soo love this music vidclip he inspired:

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