due to my visit to Fetishpride Antwerp,
I totally forgot about Valentine's day
now you may say: there are worse crimes,
and I agree,
But I just cannot forget my annual valentribute to James Bidgood

John Bidgood developed the extravagant imagery of this film shot on Super-8
almost entirely within the walls of his cramped New York apartment.
Bidgood Psychologyart.com Interview

That restricted space is the work’s basic premise:
a male prostitute idly sits at home in between the visits of clients.

Yet the largely silent, 65-minute film
bursts visual and temporal confines in a centrifuge of erotic fantasy.

In a sequence of scenes awash in pink and blue,
actor Bobby Kendall daydreams himself into another dimension,

imagining himself as a succession of make-believe characters:
a Spanish matador, an ancient Roman slave, and, of course, the mythical Narcissus.
What the film lacks in coherent narrative
it makes up for in a mesmerizing montage of costumes and landscapes,
steeped in lavish colour and often wrought from papier mâché.

Patric Lentz got inspired:
but is pretty decent himself:

as is Wolfgang:

as finale, the rosy-pink photo genius himself again

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