Amsterdam ,

time to start the first episode of Pijpelijntjes.
With all due rescect, I have tried to adapt somewhat
to the attention span of a young online audience
with what I consider cliffhangers to have you wait,
drool an cum in anticipation of the next entry.

Also, as there are plans to release an English edition of the book in print,
and this being just a trial version, needing more proof reading and editing,
the actual content for now remains behind the current masterclass password.
As of 2017 you can no longer subscribe to the masterclass via Verotel,
but everybody with a still valid subscription
will still have access with their current password.
others could get a pasword mailed to them by a small donation via paypal,
(as long as the payment is accompanied by a valid e-mail adress)

here's the first (for now still free teazer-access) episode of De Haan's 'lines from De Pijp'

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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