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Hope that this month's change from visual art to writing was an enjoyable read for most of you.
There's more in store, as I'm also working on the treanslation of de Haan's final novel,
which shows that the ice-cold reception of his first book did not in the least deter de Haan from writing a second one,
which shows a somewhat matured author, more accomplished in writing skills and in this far more extreme natured novel,
fitting perfectly in the international artistic wave of decadence, that had been roaring over Europe in previous years.

It's high time that we Dutch, in responce to president Trump, get out of our splendid cultural isolation,
and sell our queer heritage and the pioneer role we played in many fields around the world.
It's not only Gerard Cornelis van het Reve, who, as we all agree, deservedly got rave reviews in the USA.

His 'the evenings' is still a pretty closeted and restrained, secretly gay novel,
so typical of the dreary and boring post war years, even in NL.

Non of that however can be found in the uncompromising all out revolutionary queer and S&M novels of Jacob Israel de Haan,
written more than half a century earlier.
And soooo deserving to be known, not only as a dearly treasured queer revolutionary in te Netherlands,
(honored and immortalized by a line of his most known poem, engraved in the marble of te Dutch National Homo Monument)
but surely around the world.

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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