Arnold Aletrino and Jacob de Haan

Just wondering,
about why the 1st novel of de Haan caused so much more uproar than his second one,
which was far more explicit and extreme when it comes to homo-erotic grit.

I think that was mainly because he by then could not be pushed down, humiliated, hurt and bullied any further
than already had happened when he published Pijpelijntjes.

I can very much relate to how de Haan must have felt after being betrayed and deserted
by this closest friends and the allies he thought he could trust.
Not only in literature, by Frederic van Eeden, but also in politics, losing his employment as journalist and as teacher,
and by what then posed as the just born scientific/socio/political homo community of Amsterdam, of which his former lover,
Arnold Aletrino, who posed as the coward and politically correct chairman
(a Dutch version of German pioneer dr. Magnus Hirshfeld) of that community,
must have been the most painful as he was the last person who should have dropped him.

Having been part of the activist side of our community for almost half a century now, I sooo recognise how that betrayal feels.
And also how that resulted in a "whatever happens, I will not be silenced" reaction,
resulting in the ultimate radical novel we will tackle here this month.

With me it resulted in a decade of laying low and steering clear of any local organisations,
focussing on more trustworthy friends and true supporters of queer culture abroad, and with the few radical homos close by,
that I felt were on a similar quest, like early "Rooie Flikker",
turned perversion-pioneer/autority Gert Hekma at the University of Amsterdam,
party orginiser and pencil artist Martin of Holland, and the pioneers of Vagevuur Eindhoven
and later Club chUrch in Amsterdam, Boss den Haag or Poz and Proud, trying to maintain moral superiority
by ignoring the community that nowadays identifies as 'gay', which I renamed "de normalo's",
still as correct and coward as they were over a century ago.

I'm afraid the wounded soul of de Haan acted far more courageous as I did:
he felt he took the rightous fight just one step further
by writing a far more uncompromising explicit sadistic and incestuous novel.
Sadly the community it was meant for only humiliated him even more
by completely ignoring this so much more adult and better written novel.

After the deception of this reception,
he felt there was nothing left to keep him in the Netherlands,
nor anybody that he could trust,
so he chose a completely different course, that brought him to Israel where again,
he could not identify nor find piece of mind and felt morally obliged to distance himself from the Zionists,
which eventually lead to his assasination.
But that part of his life story is far better told by his biographer: Jan Fontijn

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