today Jos has a little secret surprise for me,
he confided this morning,
and obviously I'm curious like a little child.

Turns out he's ready to turn a major page and eat from my asshole.
Can't say I have a problem with that, so all day I'm looking forward
to the end of this wednesdaynight when we will both be home.
To help him overcome his inhibitions, and also to sweeten the experience
he's bought a whip-cream piston, cream and Dr. Oetker's icing sugar.
This could well be the amazing desert I've been leaking about all day.
Indeed he gets to eat a tiny bit from my ass, and even as pure as it gets,
without any of the prepared parafernalia.

In the end I did eat quite a bit more from him:
I've had 4 days of training and have become accustomed to his every smell and taste.
And I can only say: it's divine !
So here's a tiny clip of this, for both of us, eventful night to share:

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