Finale ?

This month-long extra project was one on the most amazing experiences I've had,
in running the various homo-erotic art prjects over the years.

Originally started as an artyfarty side-project,
just depicting daily dumps over a full months,
it grew into something more and quite different:
It may have lost some of the graphic strength of just showing 30 toilet bowls with content,
but gained mental substance, depth, taste, fun,
as it also got to depict and report
on the increasing intensity of the personal appreciation and trust
that grew between me and the dump supplyer.

I certainly had not expected this,
and really feel sorry that this month,
that passed way too fast, already is over.

I'm sure the project here at home will continue to serve up surprises for us both, and we may feel tempted
to report on it further whenever there's a need to dump more surprises,
so do peek at this last page, to see if there are any further pages added in coming month.

here's a link to the 1st follow-up/feedback page

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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