promoting real-life live gatherings of the world's pig tribe

that is one of the core misions of this website
and we'll be doing just that again this month,
at Europe's largest indoor fetishpride event in Antwerp.

with major, and I repeat: MAJOR contributons by my art mates Rex, Ton of Holland, Deberenlos plus the Mooiman queer-art-gallary

And let me tell you that :
despite the multitude of selfsuppressing homos, who keep telling that sex is not a major issue in their lives,
sexual well being is one of the most inportant factors, if not the prime one,
for a fulfilling life, not just between the ages of 16 to 30, but throughout all life stages,
up to and including everybody's final years.
And being aware of that is most crucial in shaping the lives of our puberty-insecure fellow deviants,
who are shaped and driven through school- and parental home-raising by people who mostly are heterosexual.

So let us start with the worst horizon-limiting henomenon of age-discrimination,
that we see far too much of in what remains of our (so called) representative organisations,
like the Dutch COC and my local Outsite Delft gay youth club.
It degrades our community, instead of lifting it to respectability:

also the hysteric #metoo rejection of any form of intimate approach is doing far more pain than it does good.
The ambiguous, self-hating approach of many current young homos is reflected by their rejection of everything that reminds them
of the sole undeniable identifying attribute of us homos: our sexuality.
The worst consequence of that is their looking-away from or down at one of the most precious assets we as a community posess:
our art herittage:
Everything that hints at our deviant sexuality is seen as banal, shocking, offending, filth, worthless.
While with our special sensitivity for physique, nudity, erotism, love, tenderness, emotion, we have, over the past half century,
seen plenty of evidence that our great visionary artists surely don't have any less talent
than the ones that are celebrated in the 3 musea around Museumpark Amsterdam.
or, for example, in the voluptuous flesh shown in the highly erotic work of Antwerp's art-son Rubens.

Why is it that we don't treat our own artists with more appreciation and value them
as the prime depictors of what moves our culture most?
Do we have to wait centuries before their work will find recognition, and it gets a realistic value?
We are sooo selling them and ourselves short!
Thus we have great trouble getting the exhibition financed of a dear friend and art-idol, Rex,
that is coming up at fetishpride Antwerp .

If there is one guy, still alive, who has depicted what's mouthwatering hot, gritty and peculiar about our fetish community, without any restraint,
èver since the sixties, right from the cellars and dungeons of our most legendary venues in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Berlin, it's him.
You can become part of the Rexworld Retrospective by supporting the project on this dedicated website.
Do it now, and you will be amply rewarded. As worthwhile as many charities around the globe are,
we should never forget there are great needs and injustices to combat, right under our noses,
here within our own community.

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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