I did quite a bit of Rex promotion in recent ytears, ever since e moved to Amsterdam in 2012
here's a promo talk I did at Vrolijk bookshop for Margreet Dolman's tv-show when his 'Verboten' book came out in 2012:
here's the lengthy speech I gave at the vernisage of his 1stt exhib in Amsterdam, back in the spring of 2014:

he also featured high in the queer artists top 50 I did here on DB some years ago:

in fact, he's in the top 5 :

in below bio (no audio) I reflect on how and why we fit together:

audio was muted by yucktube, because of insane music copyright reasons (it was just playing softly as background in one scene).
If you want a link to the unmutilated original, just mail me.

You can become part of the Rexworld Retrospective in Antwerp by supporting the project on this dedicated website.
Do it now, and you will be amply rewarded. As worthwhile as many charities around the globe are,
we should never forget there are great needs and injustices to combat, right under our noses,
within our own community there are the most amazing artists we neglect, who can hardly make ends meet.

two clips giving impressions of this year's Antwerp fetishpride and Darklands events, including the Rex shows:

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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