starting off with my all time fav worshipped dandy icon and role model

the last true king Ludwig II of Bavaria

you can find shots of the gorgeous fresco that hangs above my bed in four parts
at my old original homepage.
and below, a fragment, showing myself in adoration before the young naked king:

obvbiously I cannot ommit the most romantic of his depictions starting with the 1885 sleigh ride painting by R.Wenig:
the most idillic, shurely, are the stills of the huntinglodge scene in Visconti's biomovie,
of him dreaming away with his closest intimi, his palace servants, guards, gamekeepers and foresters,
slightly drunk, sleepy, horny and over-condident with their master:

most stunning I find the resemblence of the spokesman of the current descendants of the Bavarian royal family :

he's also called prinz Ludwig Wittelsbach . . .

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