The history of porn exhibition opens this wednesday at Meermanno history of print in den Haag

homo erotic porn, surely is not ommitted from that exhibition (in fact I've assisted with the content of the queer chapter of the book that's released simultaneously), but I expect the subject will just get a stepmotherly treatment, so some additions are surely needed.

May I also refer here to the now 2 decades old history section here at Delftboys.
(with, after above pre-history, separate pages for the 5 major cultural historic era's:
Middle ages, Golden age, 19th Century, 1st part 20th century and post WWII )

here's the vidclip of the opening ceremony of the history of porn exhibition at the Dutch Royal Library in den Haag last month:
(it has English subtitles)

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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