yes, the thumbnail agenda image that got you here refers to this taster/teaser page,
that opens a full month of shit eating. It requires a focussed mind and taste
and is an actual report of my experiences over the month of april last year:

yes it's the egg breakfast I got freshly served and devoured with great enthousiasm last Easter.
I'm sure this year's will be even better.

Guess you all know the story behind Kopi Luwak coffee

I was thinking of buying a small package, but online research convinced me
there was absolutely NO WAY to make sure you were getting the real thing.

So instead, I decided that the only way to assure it was real, was to produce it myself.

and it is so irrisistable because the taste reflects all the beauty that gut-feelings can transfer to it:
beauty, strenghth but also honesty, insecurities and weaknesses, in short: Love .

I know, with age it will only gets richer, as he conquers and obercomes the weaknesses, one after the other.
And the ones that stay, we secretly both want him to cnserve and putrify.
As I know there's nothing in the world that is more addictive for me
than the food that has been destilled to precious divine nectar
through the intestines of one very special guy,
I felt he deserves coffee that has been refined in that same fashion.

with Paul Buijs we made a couple of photos for
Pornceptual Magazine depicting Trump as Putin's ass eater:

everything is just fine:

I do hope you can swallow a full month of daily feedings
all through april, and all in one go,
so you can set your personal dosage.
Coming online here tomorrow

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
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