Cultfilm icon Bruce LaBruce opens this month with an interview copied from facts-zine and it is quite a pleasure.

Nickname: BLAB.
Height: 5 foot 10 and a half.
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: brown.
Hair: red.
Shoes size: 8.5 (US).
Hands: two.

How often do you clean your toilets?
I only have one. And not as often as I should.
The last person you insulted?
What/who could (still) shock you?
The Pope.
The last time you vomited?
I hardly ever vomit since adulthood. Itís been years.
Moviemaking is...?
A pain in the ass, but ultimately fulfilling.
Is heterosexuality still the opiate of the masses?
Yes, along with homonormativity

the e-mail interview is by Peter De Potter, who is a mixed-media artist:

Why Tumblr is such a great medium/media?
It acknowledges that images are a language.
Itís a misconception that image blogs are about the distribution
or the proliferation of images.
They are more about rediscovering their sacred, untold quality.
Since people actually take the time
to organize and reshuffle and filter millions and millions of images,
they surely must get some deeper significance from them.
Itís astonishing to see how differently people see themselves
mirrored in the same image
that has been going around computers and phones all over the world.
And as such, the image itself changes too.
Places like Tumblr are also great as an archive, obviously.
And Tumblr is still uncensored,
which is something we shouldnít take for granted.
What is your last thought when you go to bed?
I love you baby.
Your awkward erotic memory?
Itís relatively easy to turn each erotic memory into something awkward.
But I think itís more rewarding to turn them into something heroic,
especially the actual awkward ones.
What do you dislike the most about human body?
That the mind is yet another body part, with no exact will of its own
What do you smell when you sweat?

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