one of the most blatant historic pieces of censorship is the coverup the masterpiece Fall of the Titans, by Cornelis Corneliszoon van Haarlem fell victim of:

each and every cock on it has been covered over by butterflies or other innocent pieces of nature, as if the male reproductive organ isn't beautiful enough

contrary to current public opinion, on this example, depiction of childrens genitals was not condsidered offensive while adult examples were shocking !

meanwhile, all through history, depictions of violence, like multiple showings of throat-cutting here, were no problem at all!

thank you roman catholic church, for inplanting such mental distortion so deep in our mindset that even today
non criminal paedophiles get haunted more fanatically than mass murderers.
We all know now that was only because they wanted to keep the little ones all to themselves.
Let's just hope the madness stops and somewhere in the future we'll return to a less hysteric and healthy appreciation of sexuality.
Maybe , if we start by declaring any depiction of religion offensive ?

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