not only Delft,
but also Zoetermeeer, Hoek van Holland, den Haag, are all trying to get rid of their nudebeaches.
in the proces they don't mind that naturists, having peacefully and cleanly sunbathed there for over 30 years
are being criminalised and put away as sicko's,perverts, (gay) prostitutes or even child abusers.

we must put a stop to this.
We are not at fault; our dirtyminded mayor is !
do hear him go about with his bigot statements at the city council last year:

insinuations, tendentious unsubstantiated conclusions:
"I hoop dat u zich goed realiseert " mister mayor,
dat zwart maken en criminaliseren van een minderheid in strijd is met onze grondwet!
dat religieuse intolerantie toeneemt in Rusland, het midden oosten, Afrika is al erg genoeg . . .
"I hoop dat u zich hoed realiseert " dat u hetzelfde doet in Delft Zuid en in de Delftse Hout:
u moet zich schamen !
this is what chases tourists, still expecting a tolerant country away from NL.
Instead : Verkerk Vertrek !!!
Also our local homo community center should unequivocally take their distance
from the former religious fanatic chairman who sided with this mayor.
Albert van der Pluym has been deposited from his function,
but obviously has threatened the new board with legal actions if they overturn his decisions.
That leaves me to do the dirty work,
the kid-board at LG 22 allows itself to be bullied away from, fearing legal action.
Wish they would learn the principles of law, before taking studid (i.e. none) action

another 6 days till the appeal court case . . .
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