this is the day of the Delftse Hout appeal court case.
we have the best gay defense of our country,
who some years back got himself aquitted from a fine for nude sunbathing outside the designated area.
Mr. Gerard Spong:

Why I added this quote about Spong and friends Hammerstein and Fortuyn has a number of reasons:
I was deeply touched by the bio of Oscar Hammerstein "time is on my side"
and especially the part about his hardship years, when he battled HIV and only just survived.
I've stood at the bedside of many friends, house-mates and loved ones, who did not survive,
and still feel pretty lonely, because of that loss, especcially in prudish HomoDelft,
where anno 2014 all principles of caring and community-feeling seem to be lost,
and I feel deeply betrayed by a DWH board that stated the nude beach,
where for 30 years, over 50% of the occupants were homo,
was not an issue they wanted to be involved with.
I do hope they will never get in a situation
where they think they can count on the solidarity of other sexual minorities,
and feel left in the cold when it's not forthcoming.

second point:
I was more then close friends with Pim Fortuyn
not like most, as ally in his political movement,
but mostly, as member of the gay MSR bikerclub, in sharing a HomoRotterdam preference
for the hottest Dutch homobar of all time, de Shaft,
where I not only experienced him as a no-holes-barred, excellent rimmer,
but also as a great sport and amazingly witty fellow-fun-pig,
who could leave all stress behind 300% when he felt at ease.
That is why I also added the painting here that's still on my chimney,
of Pim at his shrudest and most wicked, when he felt attacked below the belt:

Of course I could only place naked ladies-justice here.
Amazingly this one is in front of the San Antonio courthouse of the most prudish/bigoted state of the USA: Texas.

Since the 15th century,
Lady Justice statues are often depicted wearing a blindfold, to connote objectivity and neutrality, regardless of identity, money, power or weakness.
Then again, she might be nearly nude, as depicted in this painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder “Justice as a Naked Woman with Sword and Scales”.

Sometimes also referred to as “An Allegory of Justice”.

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