as this is the weekend of the renowned Glastunbury festival, how could I not end this month with some of its legendary mudpix:

hope the weather will hold up though

In the city of Delft,
where Dutch founding father Willem 1st of Orange lost his life,
defending tolerance against religous fanatics,
which forged the birth of our nation and all it stands for,
sadly the current mayor who should play an examplary role in defending tolerance and human rights.
as well as his accomplice, Green Left alderman Brandligt,
have not grasped anything of Delft's cultural-historic heritage, they are supposed to uphold.

they should go !

here's the tv newsclip of the appeal case, where sadly we're not allowed to film ourselves.

and the PDF in Dutch of AD newspaper, rerorting the essence of the court session.
luckily neigbout Eric has scanned the entire requisitoir of our defense lawyer, Mr.Gerard Spong
as well as the full Appeal request (both in Dutch)
Also saved the words I spoke myself.
some images we shot of ourselves of the league of outlaws, outside the courtroom:

Also we have the printed report that goes to visitors of the nudebeach and everybody showing solidarity online.

now let's hope and pray for a poz. court verdict on july 11th, 9AM:

We need another 2 weeks of patience, but support from as far as Italy surely helps:
Sergio Carini :
Hope all the best for the day of the sentence and that from that day you can start a new way both for sharing
and breaking taboo limits in public and open green areas, beaches and parks
in a real, true and deep intergenerational "Folsom spirit" and "Stay filthy, pervy, and proud" !

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