Fetish pride to me is not just about feeling good in a particular kinky fashion,
it's far more extreme than that,
and has strong relations to S&M:
agony and extacy, coming close to a religious or drug-induced experience,
to which I often use the less loaded word "soaring",
which leads you to places you'd nevere reach in any other state.
It is also the title of this classic work by Logan,
first presented in the legendary French extreme cult magazine Projet-X:

a little note on "our" art:
We are a minority, so our works of art serve a much smaller community than the 90% of comprising the heterosexual art community
this surely will play a role in connecting a "value" to works of art, intended to serve this market
However, due to the minoritry aspect, the fact that over most of the known histort this community, and most certainly its artists were prosecuted,
will make the pieces surviving more unique.
Also the courage and determination of the artists to persevere in this, often illegal, depiction of illegal acts
make them even more valid, and valuable as great achievents and works of art.

please send comments or suggestions to me
to thursday may 8th