sooo enjoyed the history od disco last saturday and reliving myt sexual coming of age at Studio 54, Mineshaft, Saint @ Large and at the Ice palace, Fire Island
(as Well as Boko, Lola's Place & D&S den Haag, Gay Palace R'dam, DOK en Schakel A'dam)
and as so many normalos dont know that disco, house, electro, techno originally all were a homo construct,
I just had to enclose some highlights of the queen here:

and now you tell me what we moved on since the mid seventies with this nr.1 on this week's faggot dancechart :
which does not imply I'm not fond of some of our current dj's, just not van Buren or Afrojack
but still have fond memories of the days when my mates Willem Kok and Rex did artwork for the world's major sex and dance events:

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