don't want to dwell on modern art for too long, but news items forced my attention, so bear with me.
Marlene Dumas is a visual artist.
She undoubtedly is the most revered living artist in NL currently: In 2012 she was "nummer één" in Elseviers top-100
and she also received the Johannes Vermeer Prize, the most prestigious Dutch stateprize fot the arts.
An important part of her work consists of drawings and watercolours, predominantly figures and portraits.
Through her work Marlene Dumas is able to deliver a sentient commentary on role patterns and social relations that have become habitual.
With the "Black Drawings" (1991-92), which consist of 111 individual portraits, Dumas enters into a discourse
about stereotyped racial classification and skin colour, that leaves no room for the appreciation of the individual.
The series "Defining in the Negative" (1988) and "Strong Works" (1990) are a comment on traditional roles given to women,
such as a model, muse or lover.
Also the role of mother and sexuality are subjects for many of her drawings.
The work of Marlene Dumas is often characterized by a combination of directness and intimacy.
Her most recent work consist of a series of portraits of blindfolded Palestinian men and is a reaction to the situation in the Middle East.
At least, when receiving her praize she responded: “Ook wil ik nogmaals benadrukken dat in de kunst er niet een top bestaat,
zoals een berg waarop je gaat zitten en dan tevreden kunt neerkijken. Jij kunt niet de top eren, als jij de basis niet waardeert!”
or: "you cannot sit on top of your mountain and look down satisfied: To apprreciate a top position is impossible without respect for your base."

is her work so much more acceptable and popular than realistic homo erotic art
because she is a woman and her work less confronting than in-your face realistic homo-erotic art?

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