May 25 2018,

there's not much to tell really.
Just want to oppose the ridiculous ruling that forces every EU citizen, company or organisation,
that we must tell you how we deal with user's data and then continue on our merry way,
stealing and ripping off our users.
As you may have noticed, there is no https notice, security lock or encription on this site, just yet.
As manager of this site I stand for as much open simplicity and unhindered access as possible.
I realise though, that many users here are not in the luxurious position that I, as Dutch citizen am in,
and I do have the safety and scurity of those user in far more oppressive, intolerant and homophobe countries in mind,
and can set them at ease as to how their visits here are registered:
there are no cookies on any of the delftboys, queerart, queerlog or homowebmuseum pages what-so-ever .
I could not even sent the people I've e-mailed with over the years a message concerning this, as I keep no records.
There is one tracking pixel on the queerlog site, that records de-personalised data on traffic numbers and origins of visitors.
Further, some data on anybody doing a purchase or donation are kept within the secured environment of paypal for at least 5 years for tax purposes.
That is all.
Hope you trust us enugh to keep visiting and supporting queer art and artists.
Do keep it safe,

don't hesitate to suck it to me with questions or suggestions / submissions.
Ad Schuring
Delft NL