myselft in 3way sandwich

The not-nice-ness
The mix of agony and extacy
that's what keeps pulling me deeper and deeper
into my darkroom project
apart from finding new routes
in participating videoshoot techniques
in Vagevuur and at home
I've done a poster for outsiders theater.
the story sofar is reported on this page
and also in the darkroomdiaries.

This is a kind of "hors concours" page. It should be in my "work" pages but since I try to get the two more "in sync" it's just as well in place here.

it shows Keith Böhm in a set of facecloseups, taken while the real action went on a bit lower. If you're interested, you can have a peek at that too. It's in wmv format an 6 meg in filesize, and picturesize=320 x 240 so if it's worth a download is depending on your connection.

Keith is one of those guys I respect and honour . Not many guys I meet have the no nonsence, this is me: take it or leave it, aproach about appearing on a non commerial video. I hope oneday we all can be open and free about where our passions lie.

I hope that now Pim is gone his party will go on in this, so very much his, spirit.
oh yes,
almost forgot
the movie URL (8 minits of pure bliss, but made in the first year of the mediaplayer with a prehisoric codec, so not in fantastic resolution

In march 2003 I did a second video for Vagevuur
dealing with the ultimate step into homo decadence and depravity :
I feel it is only for those who have stood their ground and passed along the yellow brick road of homosexual experience to be able to partake in these ultimate rituals.
The guys in this video in my opinion are the true high priests of queer sex.
The video was made, but was not released by Vagevuurhere.